What inspires you?

Is it your family? Your job? The sound of the ocean? A beautiful sunset? Or maybe its the sound of your kids giggling or fighting depending on what time it is. My point to this question is that inspiration comes in all different forms. Whether it is a dream or a realistic goal.

As you can see from my first blog that this idea of opening an online store is a pretty silly idea. But is it? I think that we are hard on ourselves. I know that I am more than anyone else. As a mom I constantly feel that I am not doing enough. That I'm selfish for adding one more thing on my plate instead of spending that extra time with the kids. But here is what I have told myself. I would only work on the store at certain times (mainly when they are sleeping or away) or maybe while we are watching a movie. 

I think it is important as a mother, friend, partner, sister, whoever, to find a smidgen of time for yourself whether it is playing tennis, going to hot yoga, spin class, book club, painting class, the list goes on... find something that makes you feel refreshed and inspired. It is so important to find something for yourself, parent or not.

The point of all of this is to say that I have found a part of myself in my 30s that I never knew was inside of me. I'm going to let yall in on a secret... I used to be scared to order pizza over the phone. In college I would make my roommate... why? Who knows. Now looking back I was riddled with anxiety and I had no idea what to do about it. I wouldn't even go to Target by myself. It was ridiculous. Now yes, I have a plate-full with kids, full time job, part-time school, Marie's activities, church, and now Liz & addie. But it has been so much more than one more thing to add to the plate. It has been an outlet for me.

See my thought here is that I would rather spend my life not wishing I had done this or wish I hadn't done that. I didn't want to miss out on something because I was scared or didn't want to wake up early. And who knows, this may tank but at least I tried. And that is something that I want to teach my children. Dream big. Chase after that dream. If you fall, pick yourself up. Dust yourself off, hold your shoulders up, and try again. Try all the ice cream until you find your favorite. Or maybe your not your best self right now. That doesn't mean you can't make it there. Take it one day at a time. Find that inspiration and baby steps to it. Just because you stumble along the way, doesn't mean you won't make it. I watched one of my friends wake up one day and decide she wanted to run in a marathon. So she started running. Running and running and running. She ran in that marathon and honestly I'm not sure she ever ran in another one. But I always think about how she crushed that goal, crossed it off. Or watching the movie "Mud" and seeing my sister's name in the credits. I have never been more proud of her. Both are different but amazing dreams/goals that each achieved. Be each other's champion. Support your closest, grow with them and be each other's life line.

Beauty and inspiration is around us each day. Find yours.


Liz & addie